How it works

Buy a GPS-tracker

Tracker in a cart

Purchase a GPS device in any convenient place. 2000+ models supported.

Install and configure it

Tracker installed in car

Reach out to us or our partners if the process seems complex. We will help!

Track your vehicle

Gps tracing on a phone

Join 200k+ vehicles using our apps. You can use it for free!

Start protecting your vehicle today


The safety of your car, scooter, e-bike or motorcycle is in your hands. We have a solution for you. Just one tracker and smartphone will make you feel confident in the safety of your personal transport. You will always know where your wheeled friend is, you will be able to watch the history of your trips and share your geolocation with others.

Secure your vehicle


Get complete information about the movements of your furry friends, track their walks, and ensure their well-being. Our apps will make you feel like your four-legged friends are completely safe!

Take care of your pet


Real-time Tracking

Keep an eye on your vehicles and pets with real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor their location at any given moment.

Statistics and analysis

Access comprehensive data and analyze vehicle history to optimize usage and monitor events effectively. Keep track of your pets' activity levels, allowing you to gauge their exercise and overall well-being.


Set up geofences for both your vehicles and pets, defining virtual boundaries and receiving notifications when they enter or exit designated areas.

Notifications & alerts

Stay informed about important events, such as trip start and end, geofence entry and exit, security mode violations, battery status, and more.

Advanced Functionality

Experience an array of extra features offered by both Ruhavik and Petovik applications, such as location sharing, security mode, and much more. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive tracking experience with our apps.

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