Top Apps to track your personal vehicle

Top Apps to track your personal vehicle

Discover the possibilities of GPS tracking to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle, pet or loved ones!

Real-time tracking, trip history, statistics, notifications, mileage and engine hours counters, security fence and more are in your hands!

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How it works

Buy a GPS-tracker

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Purchase a GPS device in any convenient place. 2000+ models supported.

Install and configure it

Tracker installed in car

Reach out to us or our partners if the process seems complex. We will help!

Track your vehicle

Gps tracing on a phone

Join 200k+ vehicles using our apps. You can use it for free!


Feature slide Real-time tracking
Feature slide  Notifications and alerts
Feature slide Maintenance counters
Feature slide Location sharing
Feature slide GPRS Commands
Feature slide History and statistics
Feature slide Security fence
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  • 1. Real-time tracking
  • 2. Notifications and alerts
  • 3. Maintenance counters
  • 4. Location sharing
  • 5. GPRS Commands
  • 6. History and statistics
  • 7. Security fence
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Get support from our Partners

Get support from our Partners

Excited about tracking your vehicle but not sure how to get started? Looking for a GPS tracker but unsure where to buy or how to install it in your vehicle? Our partners are here to help!

Simply head to our Partner Map, сhoose a dealer near you, request their services, and start tracking your vehicle today!


The widest possible use

Tracking solutions for vehicles, scooters, motorcycles and bicycles, boats, cargo and deliveries, as well as children and elderly relatives, beloved pets and other property.

Accounting for distances and mileage in metric, imperial and nautical systems of measurements. 20+ languages.

Free Use and Enhanced Features

Experience a free online tracking app with a multitude of features. Anyone can easily register an account in our system and set up a tracker.

Looking for even more capabilities? With our premium subscriptions, you'll unlock a wealth of advanced functionality: up to 30 units, Google Maps, engine hours counters, extended notifications, and much more.

All-In-One App For You!

No matter where you use our app - be it on your phone or computer - you get the full experience! Tired of mobile apps not doing everything you want? With our app, you won’t miss out on any feature. Enjoy 100% functionality whether you're browsing on the web or using your smartphone. Imagine running everything you need with just your phone!

Always Know What's Up With Your Car!

Ever wanted to set up a virtual fence around your parking spot or get anti-theft features for added security? With our user-friendly tools, you'll have instant access to real-time stats about your car. Dive into the history of your trips, stops, and events. Plus, see handy graphs on any aspect of your vehicle's performance and easy-to-understand dashboards that let you know when it's time for a service check. Stay on top of your vehicle's stats, all in seconds!

Start protecting your vehicle today


Track your vehicle, receive trip updates, and stay informed about its condition , all in one app.

Track your vehicle


Stay connected with your furry friends, track their movements, and ensure their well-being.

Control your pets

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Analyze and control your vehicle
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