More information about us

GPS-Trace is a GPS tracking platform with the possibility of free use from Gurtam – the experts in the satellite tracking market. We combined simplicity, reliability, and performance so that every person could feel more confident and secure. Securing your own car or bike, creating digital dog-lead, GPS-Trace solves these tasks and more for you to keep calm and stop worrying.


  1. Ruhavik 1.0.0 - February 2021

    Hard work pays off and a new release of the first stable Ruhavik version.

  2. Engine command - 31.12.2020

    Added the first buttons for sending commands "Block engine" and "Unblock engine" on the unit card for some devices.

  3. Premium Features - September 2020

    Released a version with a Premium subscription and new features.

  4. Ruhavik - April 2020

    GPS-Trace is becoming a platform supporting a set of solutions for different applications. Released a new application Ruhavik.

  5. Orange was closed - December 2019

    You know, close one door, open another

  6. New GPS-Trace - July 2019

    Developed a completely new application. New technologies, new design, new application life.

  7. GPS-Trace Orange - 2007

    Launched application as a demo of Wialon.