About us

GPS-Trace is a GPS tracking platform with the possibility of free use from Gurtam – the experts in the satellite tracking market.
We combined simplicity, reliability, and performance so that every person could feel more confident and secure. Securing your own car or bike, creating a digital dog-lead, GPS-Trace solves these tasks and more for you to keep calm and stop worrying.
February 2023
Our latest milestone
200000 units, 18000 premium units, 100 valued partners
December 2022
Subscription Plan
New subscription plan appeared Premium Basic
September 2022
Now paying for subscriptions just got easier!
May 2022
Partner Map
A partner map has been released.
January 2022
GPS solution for pet.Now you can easily protect your favorite pet
December 2021
Partner Panel
Partner Panel - an application for those involved in the tracking business.
February 2021
Ruhavik 1.0.0
Hard work pays off and a new release of the first stable Ruhavik version.
September 2020
Premium Feature
Released a version with a Premium subscription and new features.
Engine command
Added the first buttons for sending commands "Block engine" and "Unblock engine".
April 2020
Released a new application Ruhavik.
December 2019
Orange was closed
You know, close one door, open another
July 2019
New GPS-Trace
New technologies, new design, new application life.
GPS-Trace Orange
Launched application as a demo of Wialon.
Our team
The team is responsible for developing a new generation telematics platform
Anastasiya Kulish
Customer Service & QA specialist
Quality support & testing: catch issues early, minimize user impact.
Veranika Patachyts
Business development manager
Biz Dev, partnerships & client relations for GPS-Trace.
Rostislav Adutskevich
Customer Service Team Lead
Coordination of sales, user support & marketing.