Subscriptions | GPS-Trace


In-app subscriptions significantly expand the functionality, as well as allow you to use more units and store history for a longer period.

Check out the additional features you can get on the Subscriptions tab.

Here you will find a description of the benefits of subscriptions and their cost.
Subscribing to the subscription you are interested in is easy, just click the button.

Here are just some of the benefits of subscriptions:

  • More units
    Do you have more than one item to track? This option is for you.
  • More megabytes of data storage
    Do you want to see the movement history for a longer period? Now you can do it.
  • Geofences-polygons
    Do you need to set up a specific geofence shape? Now there is nothing easier.
  • Additional ways to receive notifications
    Do you want to not only receive notifications, but also save them? Receiving notifications by email and telegram will solve this issue.
  • Custom commands for your device
  • and much more...