Want to stop worrying about your four-legged friend?

Petovik app is your choice!

Petovik app is your choice!

You will always be aware of where your pet is with the help of live tracking. Read more

Convenient notifications and geofences will tell you if your pet decides to run away from your area.

It is also convenient to keep track of the activity of your four-footed friend in the application using the history of his movements.



Track location in real time. Set up the tracker in a couple of taps on your smartphone and watch your lovely pet on the map in live mode. Your four-legged friend will never escape your sensitive gaze.

Notifications & alerts

Receive notifications about events in your pet's life. The application provides notifications about your pet going outside the geofence, the tracker's battery charge, and much more.

Activity statistics

View your pet's activity history. The duration and distance of walks will help you keep track of your pet's activity and will not let him get bored.


Premium features

Share location, security mode and more. Share your pet's location with other people, turn on pet activity notifications, and get achievements with your pet.

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Getting Started

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