Are you the proud owner of a car? Then you have definitely thought about its security. Installing a GPS tracker might be an appropriate solution.
The next step will be to choose the right application, such as Ruhavik.

  • Where is my car now?
  • What distance did I travel today?
  • How fast was I going?
  • and much more…


  • Категория

  • Тарифы

  • Telemetry data

    View sensor values and other parameters of your tracker.

  • Vehicle on the map

    Watch your vehicle position in real time.

  • Track

    See the whole route from start to finish.

  • Trips

    Divide your track into separate trips.

  • Trip beginning and end

    Notificaciones about the beginning and end of a trip.

  • Battery charge

    Notification about low battery charge.

  • No connection

    Notification that there is no connection with your vehicle.

  • Towing

    Notification about towing of your car or another vehicle.

  • Trackplayer

    Watch how your vehicle was moving.

  • Mileage

    Total mileage by day, week or month.

  • Telegram notifications

    Receive notifications via Telegram channel.

  • Polygon-shaped geofences

    Complex polygon-shaped geofences.

  • SetBox

    Device remote configuration.

  • ToolBox

    Extended message info.

  • Imperial system

    Do you use the imperial system of measurement?

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