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Forguard: GPS Statistics and Reports

20.5.2024 | Veranika Patachyts

Today, we'd like to highlight the statistics and reports features available in our application.

Immediate access to accurate statistics is crucial in GPS monitoring. 

With Forguard GPS tracking software, the immediacy of these statistics helps in maintaining high operational standards and minimizing potential downtime, thereby significantly boosting the productivity and profitability of your fleet.


In our application, there's a particularly useful section called “Statistics.

This section includes four key features: Mileage, Engine Hours, Charts, and Export Events, along with information on the number of units and geofences (both created and total available).


Let's explore each of these features in detail:


Mileage and Engine Hours

Monitoring mileage and engine hours helps prevent costly repairs, saving time and money. It optimizes fleet operations and analyzes machine performance.

The following functionalities are available for both types of counters, which you can configure using the Maintenance tab:

  • Setting limits for the counters.
  • Assigning and editing names for each counter.
  • Resetting counter values.
  • Enabling or disabling notifications when set limits are reached.
  • Displaying counter data on the unit card.
  • Approximating the time when the counter limit will be reached.

Statistics Tab

In the Statistics we can see the mileage: total and for a certain time (day, week, month). In the Engine hours summary you can find the information about engine hours per 1, 7 or 30 days or the whole period (all).


In the Charts section, you can build graphs for the selected parameter sent by your device. This helps you view general information about the state of this parameter. The most popular parameter is position.speed, allowing you to view the speed history of your vehicle for either a single day or over an interval (up to 7 days). The displayable information depends strongly on your GPS tracking device model; we can only show parameters that your tracker sends.


Export Events

This feature is frequently used among small businesses. You can download a report in *xlsx format covering 1, 7, or 30 days, based on parameters such as events (all or specific), units (all or selected ones), and summary information (like total trips, mileage, etc.). The *xlsx format makes it easy to process and analyze the information. Furthermore, you can download the report immediately or send it to your email address.


We understand how vital accurate records of all past trips and events are for fleet managers. Maintaining operational efficiency and reducing costs are crucial aspects of effective fleet management. With Forguard GPS tracking software, managing your fleet becomes easier through enhanced vehicle statistics and reporting capabilities.

Please pay attention, that modules "Statistics" and "Maintenance" should be turned on in your customer plans. "Statistics" is available from tariff Lite + and Advanced and "Maintenance" is available on Advanced only.

There are even more ways to get reports about your vehicle in our application.

History Tab: To access this, click on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the unit card, then select "History." Set your desired time period and click on the cloud icon. Here, you can save your unit's history in formats such as .kml, .gpx, .geojson, .wln, .google formats, and .xlsx (available with a Premium subscription).

Timeline Tab: You can export timeline data to .xlsx, .csv, or .pdf formats. Simply click on the Timeline tab, choose a date, and click on the cloud icon located to the right of the date selection.


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