Manufacturers of Integrated Devices: Top 10 Picks

29.8.2023 | Tatsiana Kuushynava

Choosing and purchasing a tracker, especially when doing it for the first time, is not always a straightforward task. Moreover, the GPS tracker market is constantly expanding, introducing new features and possibilities, which can further complicate the decision-making process.

For an average user, it can be challenging to immediately grasp what's essential, what's optional, and what specifically suits their needs in a tracker.

Furthermore, questions arise about connecting the tracker to vehicles (or other assets) as well as configuring the tracker to function within the Ruhavik or Petovik applications.

To simplify these tasks for our users, we present several hacks to facilitate the selection of the right tracker:

1. Users can reach out to our partners, who will assist in choosing a tracker based on the client's tasks and requirements. Additionally, our partners can help with the tracker's setup and configuration, create and adjust accounts within the Ruhavik, Petovik, or Forguard applications, and provide guidance on using the software effectively, including where and how to obtain SIM cards.

2. Many users find it helpful to rely on the experiences of others who have already navigated the world of IoT device selection. This is why forums, reviews, chats, and similar platforms discussing the choice of specific devices are so popular. On our forum, you can also assess which trackers are most frequently discussed by users.

3. Furthermore, we recommend considering the Top 10 manufacturers whose GPS devices are integrated and functioning successfully on our platform.

  1. Coban:
  2. Concox:
  3. Xexun:
  4. Teltonika:
  5. Auto Leaders / Sinotrack: 
  6. Tkstar:
  7. Queclink:
  8. Cargo:
  9. Suntech:
  10. Navtelecom:

Manufacturers of Integrated Devices

4. In addition to the list of TOP-10 manufacturers, we decided to add some more statistics that show manufacturers whose number of devices (regardless of device type or model) on the GPS-Trace platform is growing faster than others.

We believe that this information can help our users better understand their preferences and make informed decisions based on them. For compiling these statistics, we utilized data as of January 1st and August 1st, 2023.

Statistics Integrated Devices En

As a result, the manufacturers with the highest percentage growth in device numbers are Suntech, Teltonika, Cargo and Sinotrack.

To find partners who can aid you in selecting the best tracker for your needs, we recommend using the partner map on our website.

The GPS-Trace team is committed to providing you with top-notch GPS monitoring solutions!