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Private cars, family members, and pets safe at no cost.

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  • Units connected
  • Countries
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Simplicity and perfomance combined

  • Online tracking

    Watch persons and vehicles in real time.

  • Event-based notifications

    Be informed if something happens and react at once.

  • Detailed tracks

    Follow every movement for the past 30 days.

  • Location sharing

    Create links to show your location for friends and relatives.

  • Geofence management

    Restrict movements within specified areas.

  • Multitracking

    Set of features perfectly fit to cover the needs of the whole family.

More features

Handy mobile app

Get a fully-fledged monitoring system in your pocket.

  • Play tracks
  • Control geofences
  • Share your location

Keep track to relieve stress

  • Monitoring Cars
  • Monitoring Bikes
  • Monitoring Children
  • Monitoring Older Persons
  • Monitoring Pets


Why customers choose GPS Trace

  • Connect trackers easily

    No special skills needed

  • No hidden costs

    It’s completely free

  • Stable to keep track uninterrupted

    More than 10 years with 99.9% of uptime

  • User-friendly interface

    You won’t get lost. Neither will your assets


See GPS Trace through the eyes of its users

  •  Ahmad Wahid

    Ahmad Wahid

    I have tried numerous GPS tracking tools and finally got down to GPS Trace. This software covers all my needs. It is very stable, it is simple and at the same time has all the features I need to monitor my family. And most important, it is absolutely free.

  • James Thomas

    James Thomas

    There is one very important thing I appreciate most about GPS Trace. This service is 100% aimed at helping people with no hidden commercial ground at all. Today you will hardly find a really good product that serves people's needs instead.

  • Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz

    GPS Trace is a great tool for daily tracking. It has all the features I need to track my wife’s car and my son’s phone. It is easy to start with, user-friendly and cost nothing. I have started with a car and now I plan to track my dog.

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