Software for Your Tracker

GPS-Trace platform allows you to receive, process and store data from your tracker, see the location of an object online, analyze information and much more!

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How it works

Your Tracker

Tracker is a device for receiving and transmitting data for satellite control of vehicles and other objects. Supported trackers

Our Platform

We process data from your tracker. Providing convenient and useful functionality based on it.

  • Online-monitoring

    Track objects in real time.

  • Statistics and analysis

    Build charts, view history.

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications about important events.

  • Location sharing

    Share with your friends.

  • Geofences

    Mark important places on the map.

Our Applications


Evaluate, analyze and control your trips

  • Review your driving history.
  • Receive a score for each trip according to your driving style.
  • Configure and receive notifications.

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