Fifotrack Q2

Fifotrack Q2
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The Fifotrack Q2 is a contemporary portable GPS tracker ideal for monitoring kids, elders, employees, lone workers, pets, animals, and valuable assets. This device is well-balanced in terms of size and battery longevity, offering a working time of up to 15 days at a 24-hour tracking interval or up to 3 days at a 5-minute tracking interval, ensuring consistent monitoring over extended periods. It has earned the IP67 waterproof standard making it a fit for outdoor uses. One of the standout features is its two-way communication facilitated by an in-built microphone and speaker, enabling interactions between the user and a pre-set SOS phone guardian. Adding to its versatility is a WiFi function that provides an indoor tracking option. The device is powered by a 1000mAh lithium-ion battery and comes with a cradle for charging. Its built-in 6-axis motion sensor paired with an efficient firmware algorithm allows for the accurate detection of Tilt/Man down/Fall down events, enhancing its safety monitoring capabilities. This device operates on a 4G network and also offers a stable GPS/GSM signal for reliable tracking.

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