🔔 Notifications: Track your vehicle with ease

13.1.2023 | Anastasiya Kulish

Notifications are a useful feature that can provide real-time updates and alerts about the location, status, and activity of a vehicle. 

Trips, geofences, engine ignition status, speeding, battery level - these are some of the examples of notifications that can be configured using the Ruhavik app.

Moreover, you can customize the method of sending notifications according to your preferences!

Have we intrigued you?😉 Then let's talk in more detail about notifications in the Runavik app!


📌 Let's start with the fact that there are 3 types of notifications in the Ruhavik app:

  • Simple 
  • Customizable 
  • Own 

You can go to unit Notifications via unit Settings and select the Notifications tab.

Notifications setting in gps trace appTypes of notifications from gps tracker

The Simple ones are notifications:

  • By geofences
    Geofence alerts allow you to set up certain boundaries on a map and get a notification if your unit moves out of or into those boundaries.
  • By alarm events from your device
    They make it clear if something happened to the tracker or the unit with which it is used.
  • By trips
    Trip notifications can be used to notify you of the start/end of a trip. 
  • By towing
    Triggered when a unit moves with the engine turned off. This can be used to monitor a vehicle and detect if it is being towed away without the owner's permission.

Customized notifications include: 

  • Speeding notifications
    Сan be configured to notify you when your unit exceeds a certain speed threshold. 
  • Battery level notifications
    Can be configured to notify you when the battery charge of your device is low.
  • No message notifications
    Can be configured to notify you when your tracker has not sent any messages for a certain period of time or has resumed sending messages.

Real-time updates in gps trace appNotifications about the real location of the GPS tracker

Own  types of notifications are available as a premium feature in Ruhavik and used to receive notifications for any parameters that your tracker sends.

Set customizable notifications to trace your vehicle Notify by gps tracker parameter in real-time

You should select the notification type “Parameter Existence”, “Alarm on parameter” or “Parameter change” and choose/set the parameter on which you want your notification to trigger.

  • Parameter Existence is the type of notification that will be triggered every time your device sends it to the system. It can help you monitor the status of your vehicle in more detail.
  • Alarm on parameter notifications  are designed to work with parameters with a boolean value (only ‘True’ or ‘False’). Such notifications will be triggered only if the specified parameter is set to ‘True’.
  • Parameter change notifications can be configured to notify the user when the value of a specific parameter changes.

Notification by parameter change in gps tracking appSending method notifications in gps tracking system

A Premium subscription can provide additional options for sending notifications. You can choose the method of sending notifications such as push, SMS, email or Webhook notifications.

Having the ability to choose the method of sending notifications can help you stay informed about your vehicle's location and status in the way that works best for you!

Notifications from gps car tracker in real-timeGeofences and alarm events notifications in GPS trace app

 Stay informed about your vehicle's location and status in real-time and use the Ruhavik app!