Updates in Ruhavik: Engine Hour Counters, Multiple Unit Sharing, and Track Tail

25.5.2023 | Tatsiana Kuushynava

You asked, and we delivered! 😊🎉

We often receive suggestions from our users about adding new features to Ruhavik, and this time we didn't stand aside.

So today, we are excited to announce the introduction of some exciting new features.


🔢 Engine Hour Counters

Now, in addition to tracking the distance traveled, users can also monitor the number of operating hours for their units.

You can find the engine hour counters in the same place as the mileage counters:

  • On the Maintenance tab, you can set limits for the counters, assign and edit their names, reset the counters, and enable/disable notifications.
  • On the Unit Settings Menu - Common tab, you can set the initial counter value and view the total number of hours worked by the vehicle
  • On the Statistics tab, you can see an overview of the hour counter statistics.

Engine HoursYou can create up to three engine hour counters for each unit, with different parameters.

📍This feature only works if your tracker sends the parameter "engine.ignition.status" and is available to our users with a Premium subscription.


🔗 Multiple Unit Sharing

Previously, the app only allowed the creation of a sharing link for a single unit.

Now, users have the ability to create links to share the location of one, several, or all connected units. The number of links corresponds to the number of connected units. 

In the Sharing menu, you can view the current location of the unit, delete all existing sharing links, and create a link to track one or multiple units.

When creating a link for multiple units, users can choose which units' locations to share. 

Additionally, when creating a link, users can choose whether to display the unit's name, icon, and track tail in the link.

Sharing 2The maximum number of units that can be shared in a single link is 30.

Sharing links can still be created for a duration of up to one year.


🌈 Track Tail

Now, you can display the track tail of your vehicle and choose an individual color for each unit.

You can enable this feature in the user menu and customize it for each unit in the unit card settings under the View section.



  • The app is now available in French.
  • As always, we have fixed some bugs.


We would like to remind you that the update will not appear instantly on all devices. All application stores roll out the update gradually, when it appears for each user, we cannot say for sure, it usually happens within 1-3 days.

We are always open to our users' suggestions and strive to make our app as user-friendly as possible. If you have any ideas on how to make it even better, please email us at support@gps-trace.com! 😉📝