Appearance settings


  • Performance Mode
    A mode for low-performance devices that disables some animations to improve application performance.
  • Track playback speed
    Adjusting the speed of playing a track in the History and Trips of the unit
  • Show units names on the map
    Enabling/Disabling the display of unit names on the map
  • Quick access buttons in carousel
    Option to enable or disable the display of all quick access buttons in a scrollable strip format.
  • Lite mode
    Option to enable or disable Lite mode - a simplified version of the application. In Lite mode, the interface is streamlined, showing only the essential functions.
  • Theme
    Standard/Dark App Theme
  • Map Theme
    Standard/Dark Map Theme
  • Screen Orientation
    Vertical/Horizontal interface display (only available on mobile applications)
  • Map type
    Selecting a map layer. Available:
    Free: OSM, Gurtam maps, Bing maps.
     Google maps.

Color track by speed:

  • Setting the display color of the track by speed. Customize the speed interval and choose the colors to display each interval.

Timeline settings:

  • "Show timeline scale" can be enabled or disabled, indicating whether the timeline scale is displayed or not. Additionally, there is an option to select which events are displayed on the timeline scale.

Track tail and marker:

  • Show track tail
    Displays the trail passed by the unit in a short period of time
  • Smooth movement of units
    The option makes the track display smoother when the unit moves
  • Tail color
    Select the color of the track's tail. Access only when "Show track tail" is active
  • Show unit groups
    Grouping of units is a feature that is convenient to use when there are a large number of units concentrated in one area.
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