GPS-Trace - best business solution!

GPS-Trace - best business solution!

Explore the leading telematics platform for GPS tracking partners. Boost sales with user-friendly, advanced technology. Ensure your business and client vehicles are secure. Receive engaging notifications, useful reports, and statistics. Unlock a promising future today.

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How it works

Sell GPS devices right away with the app

Tracker being sold

Sell GPS devices with our apps and create accounts in a few clicks.

Set up devices using our convenient tools

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Make the device setup process as easy as possible with our tools.

Offer your clients intuitive app for GPS tracking

Gps tracing on a phone

Use modern and user-friendly software for service with only necessary features.

Stay vehicle-aware!

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  • 1. Online tracking
  • 2. Alerts & notifications
  • 3. History & trips
  • 4. Vehicle maintenance
  • 5. Statistics
  • 6. Geofence control
  • 7. GPRS commands
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Discover our partners community

Discover our partners community

The GPS-Trace team, in addition to creating intuitive and efficient GPS tracking software solutions, also develops and supports a community of our partners who provide GPS tracking services to their clients around the world.

Do you sell devices, offer GPS tracking or set up trackers for your clients?

Becoming our partner, you can lean on our support in developing your business and providing services to your clients of the highest quality.


Unlimited distribution

Do you work with end customers or businesses? Do you want to sell trackers worldwide? Our tools and the model of our software work, as much as possible adapts to the tasks of a partner. Separate applications for B2B and B2C will allow you to easily provide a service to both individual customers and businesses around the world.

Flexible pricing model

Use and pay only for the functionality you need. Flexible partnership plans will allow you to saturate the client account with only the necessary functionality, without overloading the interface and leaving an opportunity for upselling the functionality in the future.

Unit price starts from 0,3 EUR!

Cross-platform full-featured applications

We maintain full cross-platform compatibility for the application. Why is this important? Because most mobile versions of applications lose over 30% of functionality compared to the web version. We retain full functionality both in the web version and on mobile devices. Essentially, our partner can run their business with just a phone in hand.

Instant intuitive analytics

Thanks to our solutions, you can quickly receive analytics on your vehicle. Intuitive reports on trips, stops and other events, graphs for any parameter from the device and convenient dashboards for calculating service intervals for your equipment. All this in seconds in our solutions!

Expand your GPS Tracking business opportunities

Partner Panel

Maximize your business potential with our Partner Panel by creating accounts and setting up personalized billing plans in just a few clicks.

Expand your business


GPS tracking app that not only safeguards your clients but also offers captivating features. As your clients enjoy these benefits, you'll witness your business growth too.

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