Forguard: Discover the Advantages

19.1.2024 | Veranika Patachyts

In 2022, more than 1 million vehicles were stolen in the United States — and about half of those thefts were due to driver error. Vehicle theft is a multi-billion-dollar crime, costing vehicle owners more than $8 billion in 2022 alone. Passenger cars made up more than 74% of all stolen motor vehicles.

Safety and anti-theft protection have always been paramount in transportation. That's why the GPS tracking business has became so popular across the globe.

Forguard by GPS-Trace isn't just a solution for GPS monitoring; it's a partnership that nurtures your business and elevates your service experience.

Designed with precision and user-centricity, Forguard offers a comprehensive set of safety features to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, it extends unique promotional opportunities to boost your brand's visibility.

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📍 Tailored Service Plans
Customize your offerings with a set of features, storage, and drives, crafting services that perfectly suit with your clients' unique requirements.

📍Enhanced Control and Support
Experience peace of mind with the ability to manage your services efficiently. Enjoy the convenience of your services, ensuring a top-quality user experience.

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📍Access Anytime, Anywhere: Web and Mobile
With Forguard's web and mobile platforms, you can manage and monitor your services even remotely, it's a real-time monitoring.

📍Fair Billing
Embrace a billing system that based on your actual usage. Pay only for the units you use and activate, promoting cost-effectiveness and transparency.
Cost per unit per partial month = (Full monthly tariff price/Days in this month) * number of days the unit has been used

📍Personalized Branding Experience
Highlight your brand by customizing the Forguard interface with your logo and colors, strengthening your market presence and building trust with your audience.

GPS brand of partner

📍 Exclusive Promotional Opportunities
Gain significant visibility as a Forguard partner. Your business will be showcased on our partner map at and featured across our social media channels, offering extensive exposure and engagement possibilities.

➡️ FAQ:

 🛰️ How can Forguard's tariffs be customized to fit individual needs?
It allows for the tailoring of features, storage, and drives, ensuring that the services you offer meet your clients' needs.

 🛰️ Can I access Forguard services when I'm away from my office?
Absolutely! With Forguard's web and mobile platform, you have the power to manage your services anytime, anywhere.

 🛰️ What makes Forguard's billing system user-friendly?
Our billing is really simple. You're billed only for the units you actually use and activate.

 🛰️ How does Forguard help promote my brand?
We offer branding options, allowing you to integrate your logo and brand colors on the interface, so your customer may find your contact with ease on his phone.

✨ Embrace the future of GPS tracking with Forguard. Just write to us at for details.✨