Stripe Integration: new Tool in the Partner Panel to Receive Payments from Your Clients

21.5.2024 | Rostislav Adutskevich

The process of paying for any services over the last 10 years has transformed beyond recognition.
Replacing manual payments at kiosks and stores, prepaid vouchers and other methods that required going somewhere and interacting with someone, now every other service boasts built-in payment methods and subscriptions with automatic deductions from your account.

And it's damn convenient! Isn't it? Sometimes you really forget why you sent someone 4.99 EUR + taxes on the 15th of each month :)

It's no longer a secret that tools for collecting payments for your services have long since reached another level. The number of tools, payment gateways, and methods is simply enormous: Stripe, Paypal, Verifone(2checkout), WePay, Amazon Pay, — it seems that now any business can receive payment from a client from any corner of the world. You just have to choose the right tool and integrate it into your business.

Payment methods in the GPS-Trace platform applications.

GPS-Trace and our applications have long supported several different payment methods.
In Ruhavik, you can purchase a subscription in Google Play and App Store, as well as with a regular bank card through Stripe or PayPal.

Partners receive invoices in the Partner Panel through Stripe and can make payments with a regular bank card, transfer, and with PayPal. All in all, we know how to receive money from our partners for our software and service :)

How are our partners doing with receiving money from their clients?

With numerous tools, an important and challenging aspect remains their integration into the business. From the very beginning of the existence of the B2B solution on GPS-Trace, we have received many requests from partners to develop functionality for the quick integration of a payment tool. Simply put, partners want to start automatically receiving money from their clients for the provided service.

The time has come to present such functionality.

A tool for receiving payments from clients is now available in the Partner Panel.

Now our partners can generate links for their clients to pay for the service through Stripe. Moreover, the partner can track the payment status and based on this, block or unblock the client. 

Stripe to Partner Panel

Well, let's figure out how it works.

  • You will need a Stripe account.

    Stripe — is an online payment platform that allows businesses to accept and process payments over the internet. It supports a multitude of payment methods and currencies, ensuring a quick and secure integration of payment functions.

    You need to create an account and complete the activation process.

  • Then you will need to link your Stripe account to the Partner Panel.

    For this, you will need the Stripe API Secret key, which you can get directly from the Stripe interface. Detailed information on generating this key can be found directly in the Partner Panel by clicking on the question icon.

  • Everything is ready! Now you just need to create a payment link for your client.
    Suppose you, a GPS-Trace partner, have a client with 10 vehicles. You want to invoice him for monthly service.

    To do this, you need to Create a payment on the Client Billing tab in your Partner Panel. Specify the invoice name, select the client account, add and name the service, and choose the number of units and the cost.

    Creating Link for Payment in Partner Panel via Stripe
  • Next, the payment link can be sent to the client's email automatically upon creation. Or, after creation, you can simply copy the link and send it to the client yourself.

    Client Payment Links in Partner Panel
  • This functionality is also available via our Partner API.
    You can now use this functionality in your own development as well.

Thus, GPS-Trace partners get a tool to automate payments from clients.
We released this tool a few days ago and our partners are actively starting to use it. If you have any suggestions for improving this functionality, we would be happy to hear your feedback and refine the tool.

If you have not yet become a GPS-Trace partner, use the link or click the button below and our manager will contact you.
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