Partner Panel: Functionality

9.2.2024 | Veranika Patachyts

In just two years, GPS-Trace has built a strong partnership network with over 250 members from 73 countries. These partners are not just GPS experts; they're our proud ambassadors, guiding users in choosing the right GPS trackers for vehicles or pets, and integrating our apps seamlessly.

Whether they're in Chile or Indonesia, Morocco or Lithuania, our partners are adept in local regulations and specifics and can resolve any issue promptly.

We're committed to providing our partners with top-notch tools and features. Our Partner Panel stands out as a highlight, based on feedback from our partner survey.

Partner Panel is our CMS, a customer management system, which is designed to help businesses manage and organize customer data, interactions, and relationships effectively. In our case, the Partner Panel allows our resellers to effortlessly create and configure your customer accounts.

Partner Panel - for GPS tracking business

It is a user-friendly system designed to streamline customer information, communication, and relationship management. For our resellers, the Partner Panel simplifies the process of setting up and managing customer accounts.

Here are some of the features, which are available for our GPS tracking experts:

🚀 User-Friendly Interface:
Navigate easily and find what you need in a second.
All of our applications Forguard, Ruhavik with Petovik have their pages on Partner Panel. You can see Forguard customer accounts, invoices, pricing, even App design!

🚀 Branding options:
Personalize the interface with your logo and brand colors in Forguard, aligning it with your corporate identity.  It like a white-labeling, but without difficulties.

GPS brand of partner

🚀 Quick and Simple Account Creation:
Create your customer accounts in a few clicks. Set up devices with commands, monitor the data received, and give the customer a fully operational solution. 

GPS tracker needs this app

🚀 Cross-platform:
Most applications in the mobile version lose more than 30% of the functionality compared to the web version. We keep the full functionality, both in the web version and on mobile devices. 
Our partner can configure everything in a web version and give his user an activating link or QR-code. When this user opens this link on his phone, he activates a ready-to-use account!

GPS map

🚀 Support and Training: 
Receive the necessary assistance and guides to utilize all features effectively.

🚀 Integrated Billing System:
Per-unit and per-day billing. No need to wait the better time!
Find invoices, payments, and financial records smoothly within the same platform, ensuring a seamless billing process for both partners and their clients.


Ready to elevate your business with GPS-Trace and become a part of our growing global network? Join us today and see the power of our Partner Panel. Contact us to get started and unlock the full potential of our partnership.

Let's navigate the path to success together!