Coban Tracker: Step-by-Step Сonnection Guide

6.3.2024 | Tatsiana Kuushynava

Our GPS-tracking applications, Ruhavik and Forguard, are popular among a wide range of users and business partners: fleet owners, tracker installers and sellers, as well as those offering GPS-tracking services.

While creating an account and adding devices in the application is very straightforward, users often have questions regarding tracker setup.

For tracker setup issues, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or seller directly, as they possess comprehensive expertise on the matter.

However, over the years, we have also gained some expertise in this area and are ready to share it with you.

Today, we would like to explain how to configure for use on our platform the tracker from our users' most popular manufacturer, Shenzhen Coban Electronics.

Especially since, over the last two years, the number of trackers from this manufacturer used on GPS-Trace has increased fivefold from 2.5 thousand to over 12.5 thousand. We hope to continue this trend.

Connection Tracker


For example, let's take the Coban GPS403-A tracker:

1🔹After registering on the platform, you need to create a unit in your account, choosing Coban GPS403-A as the device type.

2🔹Any GPS tracker requires the internet connection to operate. Therefore, a SIM card must be inserted into the tracker.

The SIM card requirements are usually specified in the tracker's manual. For our tracker, they are as follows:

  • SIM card for GSM network;
  • The card must have a topped-up balance and enabled internet traffic;
  • Pin code is disabled and call forwarding is turned off;
  • Nano size.

3🔹Then, to configure the tracker, it is necessary to set up using SMS commands sent to the SIM card.

🔐All SMS commands contain a password.
Default password: 123456

The GPS403-A tracker has a wide range of functions that allow you to customize the tracker to your needs (time and frequency of data transmission, low battery notifications, fuel theft, engine stop and restart, movement, speed exceedance, etc.).

For basic operation in our system, it is sufficient to configure:

  • APN
  • Time zone
  • Server and port

So, to configure the tracker, you need to use the following commands:

🔹APN configuration:

SMS command: APN+password + Space + your local APN
Reply: APN OK

APN123456 internet

📍The APN data should be confirmed with your SIM card's mobile provider.

🔹Setting the 0 time zone:

SMS command: time+space+zone+password+space+time
Reply:  time OK

time zone123456 0

📍For our application, it is necessary to set exactly the 0 time zone. The actual time in the application will be displayed according to the settings of the device you will be using the application on.

🔹Server and port setup:

SMS command: adminip+password+Space+IP(or DNS)+Space+Port
Reply: adminip OK

admin123456 25067

📍The necessary server and port are indicated in the Unit Settings - Hardware tab.


Additional popular SMS commands:

🔹Reset settings

If the tracker is not being set up for the first time, it is better to reset all settings to factory defaults before setting up again:

SMS command: begin+password
Reply: begin ok


🔹Data transmission interval setup

SMS command: fix030s030m***n+password


The device will start sending location data every 30 seconds when ACC ON, and send location data every 30 minutes when ACC OFF.

📍The time interval should not be less than 10 seconds.

When connecting the tracker for the first time, we recommend setting the maximum frequency of sending messages and going out into the open space with the tracker until you are sure that the tracker is working and sending messages to our system. Subsequently, the frequency can be changed.

Once the tracker starts sending data to our system, it will start appearing on the map in real-time.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions during the tracker setup process, send us your login, ID/IMEI, and model of the tracker, as well as screenshots of the configuration (SMS commands and the tracker's responses to them) to

Our team is always ready to help you!