Unleash the Power of GPS-Trace!

Designed to cater to the needs of both individual users and businesses, our software boasts a diverse range of features that seamlessly process data from your GPS tracker.

Discover what you can achieve:

  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Dive into Trip History and Statistics
  • Stay in the Know with Alerts and Notifications
  • and much more...
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Personal use

The safety of your vehicles, loved ones, and pets depends on you!

Cars, scooters, and bicycles can be protected using a GPS tracker and application. Our apps provide an extensive set of data, from movement history to real-time status, ensuring the safety of your transport. Send commands, receive notifications, and monitor the condition of your tracking unit using just one smartphone app.

Business purposes

Are you providing GPS tracking service in your region or considering this opportunity?

Do you want flexibility in your tariff plans? We have an offer for you! Manage customer accounts and tracking units, configure the system remotely, provide technical support, and tailor tariff plans to meet client needs with our solutions. With our apps, you are not just selling devices, you are offering customers superior service.

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Feature slide Real-time tracking
Feature slide  Notifications and alerts
Feature slide Maintenance counters
Feature slide Location sharing
Feature slide GPRS Commands
Feature slide History and statistics
Feature slide Security fence
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  • 1. Real-time tracking
  • 2. Notifications and alerts
  • 3. Maintenance counters
  • 4. Location sharing
  • 5. GPRS Commands
  • 6. History and statistics
  • 7. Security fence
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Apps downloads
Apps rating
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Track your vehicle, receive trip updates, and stay informed about its condition , all in one app.

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Stay connected with your furry friends, track their movements, and ensure their well-being.

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An application for your clients, only with the necessary functions and your logo inside.

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