Charity is a part of our life

13.7.2023 | Veranika Patachyts

Charity plays a vital role in every business, going beyond mere financial transactions and profit margins. By engaging in charitable activities, businesses can actively participate in creating a more equitable and compassionate world. 

Is it interesting to know, what is the most giving charity country in the world? The World Giving Index is an annual report published by the Charities Aid Foundation, using data gathered by Gallup, and ranks over 140 countries in the world according to how charitable they are. 

World Giving Index

Indonesians believe in concepts like Zakat, which promotes giving a part of your wealth to the needy and vulnerable groups.  Another key driver of this philanthropic culture in Indonesia is Gotong Royong. This is an Indonesian philosophy of collective action.

All countries of TOP-5 are amazing, but Indonesia and Kenya, who beat even the US in this competition, are incredible!

So, our GPS-Trace team pays much attention to charity projects as well.

GPS tracking solutions have revolutionized the way search and rescue operations are conducted. By equipping individuals with GPS devices, search teams can accurately track their locations in real time. This invaluable data empowers searchers to efficiently navigate through various terrains, reducing search time and increasing the chances of a successful rescue. 

That’s why one of our long-lasting projects is a collaboration with an organization that searches for missing people.  Dogs and humans are constantly rescuing people who are caught in difficult situations and have lost their orientation in space.

Gps Rescue

By monitoring the movement and location of search teams on our apps Ruhavik and Forguard, the rescue team can efficiently deploy personnel, equipment, and support resources to areas where they are most needed. It’s critical to provide security for all temporary participants in rescue operations both human and our younger brothers. It’s no time to explain personally every step and stage of the rescue. Every second counts when it comes to locating missing individuals and providing them with the assistance they need. GPS tracking system from GPS-Trace allows thinking to throw the whole process in advance and control it during the operation. 

Typically, such organizations need all types of GPS tracking devices: for vehicles, for dogs, and even mobile ones. There is a list of integrated devices for our Ruhavik, Petovik, and Forguard apps, where you can select the type you need (mobile, pet, vehicle).

Gps and Dog


Another type of organization or individuals from our charity projects are those, who organize different charity marathons or events.

The charity marathon is organized every year by a young man from Spain. Two years ago he found our app by accident and received the tracker 3 days before the marathon. Naturally, he didn't understand anything about how to set it up or what to do in general. In the end, more than 100 people followed his link and watched him move in the moment.

marathon with GPS tracking devices

GPS-Trace enables real-time participant tracking, allowing organizers, supporters, and spectators to monitor the progress of individual runners. Through GPS devices or smartphone applications, participants' locations and distances covered can be tracked, creating an interactive and engaging experience for both the runners and their supporters. 
Actually, this event became regular nowadays. Healthy and involved people make this world happier.

If you think about projects like these ones, just contact us, we are always happy to support them!
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