Types of notifications

Here you can select and configure the notifications you want to receive for multiple sites at once.
The application has SimpleCustomizable and Own notifications.

The Simple ones are notifications:

  • By geofences
    They allow you to learn about the entry/exit of an unit to/from a given geofence. You can also configure notifications to receive them only when unit enters or exits the geofence.
  • By alarm events from your device
    They make it clear if something happened to the tracker or the unit with which it is used.
  • By trips
    Inform about the beginning / end of the unit's trip. You can also set up notifications to receive them only when the unit starts the trip or when it ends.
  • By towing
    Triggered when an unit moves with the engine turned off.

Customized are notifications:

  • About speeding by an unit
  • About battery charge
    They can signal that the device is time to charge.
  • About no messages from the device
    May indicate that the tracker is not connected. You can set a time interval and receive a notification if the device has not sent any messages for the specified time. It is also possible to enable the option to receive a notification when the device resumes sending messages.

Own notifications:

This type of notification is available only in the Premium subscription and is used to receive notifications for any parameters that your tracker sends.
You can receive alerts for fuel, battery, door open/close, alarm activation, and much, much more.
You should select the notification type “Parameter Existence”, “Alarm on parameter” or “Parameter change” and choose/set the parameter on which you want your notification to trigger.

  • The “Parameter Existence” is the type of notification that will be trigger every time your device sends it to the system. Thus, you will be able to receive a notification if some parameter has begun to arrive, which in practice can help you monitor the status of your vehicle in more detail.
  • The “Alarm on parameter” is designed to work with parameters with a boolean value (only true or false). Such a notification will be triggered only if the specified parameter is set to true.
  • The “Parameter change”. Configure and receive notifications when changing the values of the parameters that your device sends

It remains only to choose the method in which you want to receive notifications (push, email, telegram, or webhook) and units that send the necessary parameters for notifications to trigger.

Please note! Some notifications may only work if your device sends certain parameters to the system.


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