How to set up notifications on Telegram

To configure sending notifications to Telegram, follow these steps:

1. First you have to create a bot in Telegram to get messages

For this in Telegram messenger find a chat called BotFather.

2. Send the following command in the chat BotFather: /start

You will receive a message with the list of commands.

3. To create a new bot send the following command in the chat BotFather: /newbot

After that send the following information in response to the messages from BotFather:

  • a name for your bot
  • a username for your bot

If you have completed the previous steps successfully you will receive an authorization token to access the HTTP API in response.

4. Return to the Ruhavik application and insert your authorization token

5. Define the chat to which the bot will send messages

To do this, go back to Telegram and here you have 2 options:

  • Choose the created bot, if you want only you to receive notifications

  • Create a group with those who you want to also be able to see notifications and add the created bot this group

6. Send to the created bot or to the created group with bot the following command: /start 

7. Return to the Ruhavik application, you see your or your group chat name, click on the Save icon near the chat name.

8. Choose the type of notifications you want to get from the drop-down list.

9. Click on the Save icon. 

Do not forget to enable notifications in Unit menu – Settings – Notifications!

Well done! Now stay online and get notifications anywhere anytime!

To know more about bots click here.

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