A geofence is an area marked on the map. Typically, geofences are used to generate notifications that the unit is inside a certain site or left it. Also, geofences will help you navigate the map faster.

In the application, you can create geofences of any shape:

  • A circle

  • Rectangle

  • Polygon (arbitrary closed figure).

Creating a new geofence is easy. Click on the plus icon, select the shape of the geofence, and then set its size and location with simple movements on the map. It takes only a few minutes.
Click on the "pencil" icon if you want to edit or delete the created geofence.

You can turn off display of created geofences, so that they are not shown on the map and still receive notifications related to them.
Export option is also available for geofences.

You can find the export and disable display functions by clicking on the menu button next to the search bar.

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