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You will always be aware of where your pet is with the help of live tracking.

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You have definitely thought about the safety, efficiency and performance of your vehicle.

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Do you sell GPS trackers? Do you want to provide the best service to your customers or have you thought about it?

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Telemetry data Telemetry data

View sensor values and other parameters of your tracker.

Vehicle on the map Vehicle on the map

Watch your vehicle position in real time.

Track Track

See the whole route from start to finish.

Trips Trips

Divide your track into separate trips.

Trip beginning and end Trip beginning and end

Notifications about the beginning and end of a trip.

Battery charge Battery charge

Notification about low battery charge.

No connection No connection

Notification that there is no connection with your vehicle.

Towing Towing

Notification about towing of your car or another vehicle.

Trackplayer Trackplayer

Watch how your vehicle was moving.

Mileage Mileage

Total mileage by day, week or month.

Telegram notifications Telegram notifications

Receive notifications via Telegram channel.

Polygon-shaped geofences Polygon-shaped geofences

Complex polygon-shaped geofences.

SetBox SetBox

Device remote configuration.

ToolBox ToolBox

Extended message info.

Imperial system Imperial system

Do you use the imperial system of measurement?

Webhook Webhook

Automate by sending events via webhook.

Extra storage Extra storage

Store more history from your device.

Relay blocking Relay blocking

Relay remote control.

Geofences Geofences

Mark important places on the map.

Driving style scores Driving style scores

Scores for steady driving of each trip.

Locator Locator

Live location sharing.

Alarm message Alarm message

Notification about an alarm event.

Push notifications Push notifications

Install the app and receive push notifications

Security mode Security mode

Notification about leaving the parking place.

Speeding Speeding

Notification about exceeding the preset speed.

Timeline Timeline

Timeline for quicker access to events.

Geofence entrance/exit Geofence entrance/exit

Notification when your vehicle crosses the marked area.

Route building Route building

Build a route to your vehicle

Pet on the map Pet on the map

Watch your pet position in real time.

Track Track

See where your pet has been running all day.

Geofences Geofences

Mark important for your pet places on the map.

Push notifications Push notifications

Receive push notifications on the pet-events.

Share location Share location

Share location of your pet with other people

Route building Route building

Build a route to your pet.

Security mode Security mode

Notification about leaving the place.

Statistics Statistics

Check your pet's activity during selected period.

Creating accounts Creating accounts

Create your customer accounts in a few clicks.

Adding preconfigured units Adding preconfigured units

Add units to the created accounts and preconfgure it for your clients purposes.

Easy and fast distribution Easy and fast distribution

Generate a link or QR code to transfer the account to the end user.

Technical support Technical support

Contact technical support directly from the app.

Managed accounts Managed accounts

Manage your customer's accounts.

Additional payment methods Additional payment methods

Pay for the Premium subscriptions with Paypal and other methods.

Service mode Service mode

Set up the unit and client account remotely.

Technical support module Technical support module

Receive customer's support requests via application

Customizable billing plans Customizable billing plans

Collect a convenient tariff plan for your customers in a few clicks.

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