ReachFar V23

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ReachFar V23 is a universal 4G GPS tracker suitable for asset, personal, and vehicle monitoring. The device features voice calls, SMS, geofencing, vibration alarm, Wi-Fi alarm, door movement alarm, and more.

SMS commands:
  • Authorization
    123456,sos1,<number of your cell phone>#

    Before you can use the gps tracker Reachfar you need to authorize your cell phone number of your smartphone / cell phone.


    Authorization means to allow just only that number to send instruction commands to the gps tracker and to disallow requesting a location by call or sms from other numbers. This is a kind of security feature.


    Don't use the number in the tracker for authorization, use the number of your cell phone (!). This authorized number is also called admin number, master number or center number. Please use the international number format (41,43,49, etc.) without leading +.  

  • IP settings
    ip,<ip address>,<port>#

    Doesn't reset with factory reset.

  • APN settings
    pw,123456,apn,apn name,user name,password, MCC MNC#

    If user name and password are blank, just keep the coma.

  • Time zone and language

    Change the SMS language to English, the first digital is for
    language: 1 is Chinese, 0 is English.

    The second digital is for timezone.


The exact server address and port for your device is specified in Unit Settings on the Hardware tab.

The list of possible addresses is below:

DNS Address:

How to use?

Create an account and Log in

Simply register in GPS-Trace platform. Download the app that suits you best! Enter the username and password that you specified during registration.

Create a unit

Create a unit in your account! Select your device type, set a unique ID and get the server address and port for connecting the device.

Configure your tracker

Configure your tracker to send data to the server address and port received when the unit was created. As soon as your tracker starts sending data to the server, the unit will immediately be displayed in the application.

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