Why is Ruhavik the best GPS-tracking application?

23.3.2023 | Veranika Patachyts Ruhavik

The demand for mobile personal emergency response systems (MPERS) continues to grow across the globe. The year 2022 broke the remarkable line of over 1 million vehicles stolen per year, according to the statistics from The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

So, are you concerned about the safety and security of your family and business assets?
Look no further than Ruhavik - the ultimate solution for GPS security.

Ruhavik is the top choice for individuals and small businesses alike. 

Families with assets to monitor, such as multiple cars, scooters, quad bikes and motor boats can rely on Ruhavik to provide real-time location tracking and notifications for trip start and end times, battery charge, speeding, and more. 

For small businesses with fleets of up to 30 vehicles, Ruhavik offers the same benefits, making it an excellent option for hotels, delivery companies, and rental agencies.

What sets Ruhavik apart is its simple yet effective software:

  •  With Ruhavik, users can combine trackers from different manufacturers in one application (1500+ devices integrated), allowing for a streamlined monitoring process. 
  • Installation is easy and quick, and users can customize application view and commands to best suit their needs. 
  • Additionally, Ruhavik allows for the creation of geofences, for instance, for home parking, work, school, or specific store locations, for even greater control over asset monitoring.

Gps Tracking Application

Ruhavik is a  powerful application, which helps users maintain control over the security of their assets and provides peace of mind in any situation. 

So why wait? Choose Ruhavik for the ultimate GPS security solution today.