🌟Advantages of a Premium Subscription

21.10.2022 | Anastasiya Kulish

As you already know, our application can be completely free of charge!

So, with the Free plan, almost all the functions of the application are available to users.

But today we would like to tell you about the opportunities and additional useful options that you can get with a Premium subscription.🌟

First of all, a Premium subscription gives you the opportunity to increase the number of units used on one account - up to 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 units.

Also, a Premium subscription gives the following advantages:

  • 📌Own type of notification
     It is used to receive notifications for any parameters that your tracker sends. You can receive alerts for fuel, battery, door open/close, alarm activation, and much, much more.
  • 📌More megabytes of data storage - 100 MB
  • 📌Google Maps
     Google Roadmap, Google Satellite, Google Terrain, Google Hybrid will be available to you with a Premium subscription
  • 📌Commands Panel - extended GPRS commands
     Using the Commands Panel you can create your own commands and send pre-configured commands directly from the interface in the application.
  • 📌Export reports 
     You will receive data in one of the most convenient formats - in the format".xlsx". This format will allow you to process the data as you wish.
  • 📌Additional methods for sending notifications  
    By email, t
    o Telegram messenger and as Webhooks to your server
  • 📌 Increase the number of geofences you can create (up to 15)  And also with a Premium subscription, you can create a geofence-Polygon (an arbitrary closed shape).

Now you know about all the benefits of a Premium subscription.

The decision is yours!😀