New updates: 12-hour time format and website improvements

21.3.2023 | Anastasiya Kulish

It's possible that you've observed a recent small update from Ruhavik, which includes the addition of a new feature.

  • ✅ The latest version of the app includes a 12-hour time format in addition to the previously available 24-hour format.
    This feature was highly requested by users who prefer to track their vehicles in the AM/PM format.

Real-Time Tracking

 Now, users can switch between the two time formats easily within the app's settings.

Time Format in GPS Tracking App

  •   The Ruhavik update also addressed fixing a few minor bugs. 


✅  In addition to the recent update on Ruhavik, we would also like to share that we have made some improvements on our website

We have added tags on the device page, allowing users to filter the list of devices based on tags (vehicle, pet, mobile) 
This feature makes searching for devices even more convenient and easy!

GPS trackers in the App


 We welcome your feedback and comments on this update  in our social networks, as they will help us in improving the application further!