Forguard: A New Era of Partner-Client Engagement

26.5.2023 | Antonij Tkačiov

We are delighted to share a significant development in our ongoing efforts to provide our users with the best possible experience. Your feedback and suggestion
s have played a crucial role in our pursuit of innovation, and we sincerely appreciate your continued engagement.

                                             Real-time GPS tracking

Today, we're proud to announce the upcoming launch of Forguard, a revolutionary solution designed to empower our clients and enhance their collaboration with our valued partners. With Forguard, we are introducing new features and capabilities that will make it easier than ever for clients to connect with partners who can assist them in setting up their accounts.

                                                               GPS tracking app

To provide a better understanding, here is a brief outline of how this groundbreaking solution will work:

  1. Clients search for a partner using Partner Maps 
  2. Upon selecting a suitable partner, you will be able to directly communicate your needs.
  3. The selected partner will then create an account for you
  4. An invitation link for activating the account will be sent to the client.
  5. You activate and gain access to the power of Forguard.

In this way, our partners remain fully in control of client accounts while ensuring an efficient and secured management experience.

We hope that this exciting news has piqued your interest, and you're as enthusiastic about the release of Forguard as we are! We eagerly look forward to hearing your feedback and witnessing how this novel solution can help your businesses flourish.

A big thanks for your steady support and involvement. Keep your eyes peeled for more news about Forguard and our other exciting projects on the way!