How EzyTrack Protects Historical Marvels

30.5.2024 | Veranika Patachyts
Today, the GPS-Trace team is excited to spotlight our partnership with EzyTrack, a partner from Netherlands.
EzyTrack’s journey in the world of GPS tracking began almost by happenstance, yet over the past nine years, they've carved out a niche that melds innovative technology with a touch of historical charm. 
Let's turn the floor over to them:

We started our GPS tracker adventure at an unexpected moment and actually came across it completely by chance. We have now been working on this for 9 years.
We mainly focus on the business market, but we also like to count private individuals with a beautiful classic car or boat among our customers.
GPS monitoring
We now have customers in many different industries, but the most striking is a group of enthusiastic steam enthusiasts with beautiful steam engines from the distant past and at least 100 years old. These expensive machines do not have their own power source, do not have flashing lights and the lighting runs on kerosene. It is wise not to place the GPS tracker near the steam boiler.
GPS tracking devices
A GPS tracker with a long battery offers a solution here. The geozone settings provide an extra layer of security. With this battery tracker it is clear where the machine is and when it is driven they can share the location so that interested parties can come and have a look. The reactions of the public in the city of The Hague are always unique.
GPS application
GPS-trace offers us and our customers a serious tool with which they can monitor and authorize their vehicles, valuables. What is important is the simplicity with which we can connect our customers, add additional trackers and that these customers quickly become familiar with the platform.

At GPS-Trace, we're proud to partner with EzyTrack, a company that not only provides cutting-edge GPS solutions but also appreciates the nuanced needs of diverse clientele. 
Together, we continue to drive forward, ensuring that every client, whether they own a sleek yacht or a century-old steam engine, receives unparalleled peace of mind and service.