How to track 70+ units on Forguard

8.3.2024 | Veranika Patachyts

Over the last two years, our GPS-Trace team has devoted considerable attention to developing features for our partners. We try to make our telematics platform fast and user-friendly, even on mobile version. 

One of the most common requests concerns our limit of 70 units per user account. There are numerous cases where a small customer expands to 100 units or more. Today, we'll demonstrate how to manage this scenario using Forguard current features.

The most beneficial features are multiple unit sharing and user switching, which stand out for their ability to streamline operations and enhance security for users managing multiple accounts. These functionalities are particularly relevant in sectors like fleet management, where efficiency and security are so important.

Multiple Unit Sharing

Multiple unit sharing is an innovative feature allowing users to share access to multiple units, like vehicles or devices, under a single umbrella. This is instrumental for businesses managing extensive fleets, enabling them to share data with stakeholders or team members without compromising control over individual units. 

So, our users have the ability to create links to share the location of one, several, or all connected units. The number of links corresponds to the number of connected units. 

In the Sharing menu, you can view the current location of the unit, delete all existing sharing links, and create a link to track one or multiple units.

Sharing Links

When creating a link for multiple units, users can choose which units' locations to share. 

Additionally, when creating a link, users can choose whether to display the unit's name, icon, and track tail in the link.

User Switching

User switching transforms the user experience by allowing individuals to switch between different accounts or profiles effortlessly. This feature caters to users with multiple roles or those managing several business entities, enabling a seamless transition without the need for constant logins and logouts. 

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Just click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the application window, navigating to the "Account" tab, and selecting "Change User".

Merging multiple unit sharing with user switching can significantly improve operational efficiency. By integrating these two features, our partners can provide personalized access levels of vehicle security and control.

We are definitely going to develop our new features for GPS tracking business.

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