A track is a line on the map that reflects the movement of a unit, including trips and stops between them.

It is very easy to build a track in the application, click on the quick access button on the unit card with the track image or go to Unit Menu - History.

Now just select a specific date or set a time interval for which you want to see the track of your unit. The track will immediately appear on the map.

You can see additional information about the track on its card:

  • Mileage
  • Duration
  • Max. Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Begin fuel level and End fuel level

The following features are also available on the track card:

  • Export track in .kml, .gpx, .geojson, .wln, ​​.google, .xlsx formats
  • Enable/disable icons for Parking and Start/End track
  • Display the color of the track by the speed of the unit
  • Display track points
  • Smooth track playback
  • Track score and average speed with graphs.
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