You can get to the Sharing menu directly from the unit card by clicking on a special icon, or by going to the Unit menu - Sharing.

The Sharing option is designed to share the location of your unit with other people using a special link. Using the Sharing option, you can create such links for each unit for up to 1 year.

In the Sharing menu, there is an option to generate a sharing link for multiple units. This allows you to share a single link and track multiple units simultaneously.

Here you will find a simple menu for creating a link, just set the expiration date of the link and click the "Plus" button.

To create a link for more than a week, you must click on the calendar icon and select the date until which the link will be active.

After creating the link, you will be able to go to the link where any user can see the location of your property. You can also copy the link to your clipboard and send it to anyone.

You can delete the link and thus stop broadcasting the geolocation by clicking on the cross icon to the right of the unit icon in the Sharing menu.

If the location of the unit is broadcast using Sharing, a yellow icon will be displayed on top of the card of the unit and the inscription "Live Location"

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