Commands Panel

Using the Commands Panel, with a Premium subscription, you can create your own commands and send pre-configured commands directly from the interface in the application.

Commands panel is available for many device types integrated in our system.

If this option is available for your device, you will see the corresponding icon on the unit card.

And also some pre-configured commands are available for some types of devices. They are located in the Actions field and available without a premium subscription

It is worth noting that the pre-configured commands are also displayed on the unit card with the corresponding icons

If you do not know the syntax of commands, then this information should be checked with the hardware manufacturer, which has the appropriate documentation.

Moreover it is important to note, that in addition to the correct syntax, there are two important conditions under which your command will be executed immediately:

  • The device must be properly installed and connected to your vehicle.

  • The device must be connected to our system


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