Mictrack: A Leading Supplier of Cat M1 & NB-IoT GPS Trackers

12.7.2023 | Anastasiya Kulish

In line with our tradition of writing about popular tracker manufacturers used by our users, we are pleased to present an article about Mictrack, a prominent manufacturer of GPS trackers. 

Mictrack  specializes in Cat M1 & NB-IoT GPS trackers and offers a comprehensive range of products. Both Cat M1 and NB-IoT technologies offer advantages for GPS trackers. They provide reliable and secure connectivity, allowing GPS trackers to transmit location data over cellular networks. 

Certain Mictrack trackers are specifically designed for personal tracking purposes, including tracking our beloved pets, while others are tailored for diverse industries such as transportation, logistics, car rental, and more.


Mictrack devices in our apps

Let's take a closer look at the Mictrack devices integrated into our platform: 

  • Mictrack MT710
    Is a Mini waterproof GPS tracker that uses the latest CAT M1 & NB-IoT technology that can provide ultra-low power consumption and battery life up to 1 year.  It can be used for personal (kids/elderly), pets and fleet management, etc. Its key features also include GPS+Wi-Fi positioning, geofencing, low battery alarm, TCP/UDP protocol, and more.

  •  Mictrack MT600-NB 
    Is a Cat M1 & NB-IoT vehicle GPS tracker known for its low power consumption. It boasts features such as ACC switch status reporting, geofencing, overspeeding alerts, SOS reporting, remote fuel/ignition cutoff, external power cutoff alarm, low battery alarm, power-saving mode, and a 500 mAh battery.
    This device can be used to locate, track and monitor any remote target via PC Computer or Mobile APP. It is commonly used to track and locate individual vehicles, motorbikes or boats, and is a valuable tool for enhanced fleet management.

  • Mictrack MT600 Plus 
    Is a multifunctional 4G LTE GPS tracker that supports a wide range of peripherals. It allows for the integration of fuel sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors, sirens, microphones, and speakers. Additionally, the device offers features like an external speaker and microphone, two-way audio/listen-in functionality, multiple alerts and reports, and a 500 mAh battery. The MT600 Plus caters to diverse tracking needs.

  • Mictrack MT700 
    Is an IP68 waterproof asset GPS tracker that uses Cat M1 & NB-IoT technology that can provide super low power consumption up to 15 years standby time powered by internal batteries. Its built-in powerful magnets, easy to install without wiring. It has been widely used in fleet management, trailer, container, logistics, car rental, automobile finance, transportation, and other segments.

GPS Trackers Mictrack


How to Connect Your Tracker to Our System

To connect your Mictrack tracker to our system, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register and log in to either the Ruhavik or Petovik application, depending on the specific tracking needs you have.
  2. Once logged in, proceed to create a unit within the system. You can find detailed instructions on how to create a unit in the system here 
  3. Direct your Mictrack device to the server and port specified on the Hardware tab of  Unit settings.
  4. Once your device starts sending data messages to the server, you will immediately see its location and other relevant information in the application.


Should you encounter any questions or difficulties during the connection process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@gps-trace.com.

We are always ready to assist you 🙂