Exploring the Global Reach of GPS-Trace

3.7.2023 | Veranika Patachyts

GPS-Trace, a provider of GPS tracking solutions, continues to expand its partnerships across the globe, enabling seamless tracking and monitoring capabilities. In this article, we delve into the countries that have recently joined GPS-Trace's network: French Polynesia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tunisia, and El Salvador.

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Join us as we explore the unique characteristics, landscapes, and potential collaborations these nations offer while shedding light on critical statistics such as car theft rate and their country's rate of living. The country's rate of living is based on the Cost of Living Index, Local Purchasing Power Index,  Crime Index, and GDP per capita.

Motor Vehicle Theft Statistics and Country's Rate of Living:

The table below presents the motor vehicle theft statistics for the mentioned countries in absolute values and per 100,000 inhabitants and the country’s rate of living:


Motor Vehicle Thefts
(Absolute Value)

Motor Vehicle Thefts per 100,000 Inhabitants

Country's Rate of Living







French Polynesia





Sri Lanka















El Salvador





Note: The motor vehicle theft statistics provided above are approximate figures based on available data. These figures can vary over time and may differ based on specific sources.

Australia: Pioneering GPS Solutions

As one of the world's largest countries, Australia showcases diverse landscapes and a progressive mindset towards technology. Vehicle theft remains a concern, with an average of 50,000 cars stolen per year. By partnering with GPS-Trace, our Australian partners aims to pioneer advanced GPS tracking solutions that enhance vehicle security and recovery efforts. 

French Polynesia: A Paradise of Innovation

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French Polynesia, an archipelago in the South Pacific, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, turquoise waters, and thriving marine life. Despite its idyllic setting, the region faces challenges related to vehicle security. The partnership between GPS-Trace and partners from French Polynesia holds the promise of bolstering vehicle security measures, ensuring a safer environment for residents and tourists alike. It is worth noting that French Polynesia's cost of living is relatively high due to its remote location and reliance on imported goods.

Sri Lanka: Embracing Technological Advancements

Sri Lanka, known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean," offers a diverse landscape, rich cultural heritage, and a growing focus on technological innovation. In terms of vehicle security, the country experiences an average of 1,500 car thefts per year. The partnership between GPS-Trace and GPS experts from Sri Lanka presents an opportunity to leverage advanced tracking solutions, contributing to improved vehicle security and recovery rates. Sri Lanka's rate of living is relatively moderate, offering a favorable environment for business ventures and collaborations.

Sudan: Bridging the Gap with GPS-Trace

Situated in northeastern Africa, Sudan boasts a rich cultural heritage and a strategic geographic location. The country faces unique challenges when it comes to vehicle theft. By partnering with GPS-Trace, our partner from Sudan aims to bridge the gap in vehicle security and improve the recovery rate of stolen vehicles through real-time tracking and monitoring systems. It is important to note that Sudan's rate of living is fluctuating compared to some other regions, that gives a variety of opportunities for GPS security and monitoring providers.

Tunisia: Harnessing Technological Growth

Located in North Africa, Tunisia is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and evolving technological landscape. The country faces its own unique challenges regarding vehicle security. GPS-Trace's partnership with a Tunisian distributor offers the potential for collaborative endeavors in sectors such as logistics, transportation, fleet management. Tunisia's rate of living is quite good, providing an attractive business opportunities and fostering economic growth.

El Salvador: Empowering Security Solutions

El Salvador Gps Equiped Car

Situated in Central America, El Salvador showcases a beautiful landscape, warm hospitality, and a growing need for advanced security solutions. The country experiences an average of 5,000 car thefts per year, emphasizing the importance of robust vehicle tracking and recovery systems. By partnering with GPS-Trace, our partner from El Salvador can leverage cutting-edge GPS technology to combat vehicle theft, enhance law enforcement efforts, and improve overall security. El Salvador's rate of living is enough good, making it an attractive destination for businesses seeking new opportunities in the region.


GPS-Trace's expanding partnerships with GPS experts from French Polynesia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tunisia, and El Salvador signify their commitment to global connectivity and technological advancement. Through these collaborations, GPS-Trace aims to enhance vehicle security, improve recovery rates, and streamline logistics and transportation networks in each respective country. 

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