CalAmp LMU-2030

CalAmp LMU-2030
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SMS commands:
  • APN settings
  • APN (password)
    !RP,2315,0,{APN Password}
  • IP/Port settings

    32 bit LMU

    !RP,2319,0,IP (8 bit LMU)

    !RP,2319,1,IP (8 bit LMU) 

    Server UDP Port: !RP,769,0,Port


LMU Manager is the primary configuration tool in the CalAmp system. It allows access to almost every feature available to the LMU-2x30

CalAmp LMU-2030 is an easy-to-install GPS tracker for passenger or light-duty vehicles. The device features a 3-axis accelerometer, GPRS, HSPA and LTE Cat 1 options, Bluetooth 4.0, Built-in OBD-II, low power sleep mode, geo-fencing, and more.

The exact server address and port for your device is specified in Unit Settings on the Hardware tab.

The list of possible addresses is below:

DNS Address:
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