New Forguard Update 1.19.8

14.6.2024 | Anastasiya Kulish

We are thrilled to announce the release of Forguard app version 1.19.8!

This update brings several exciting and useful features designed to enhance your user experience.
Let's dive into the highlights of this latest version!

 Lite Mode

One of the most exciting new features is Lite Mode.
This simplified version of the app shows only the most essential settings and buttons, making the interface simpler.
Lite Mode is perfect for users who don't need a lot of options and prefer a minimalist interface.

You can switch on/off Lite Mode in Appearance settings at any time to access the full functionality of the app.

Lite Mode Forguard App

Timeline scale

We've also introduced a timeline scale in the Timeline tab.
This feature allows you to quickly and visually review events without having to scroll down the page, providing a more convenient and efficient way to manage your timeline.

 In the Appearance settings, you can toggle the display of Timeline scale and customize specific events to be shown on the scale.

Timeline Tracking

Enhanced Charts

We've added new parameters to the charts display:

  • position.satellites
  • position.speed
  • Boolean parameters display - Easily visualize true/false conditions.

Charts and Statistics

New Date Format

A new date format, YYYY/MM/DD, has been added to provide more flexibility in how dates are displayed.
You can select this new format in the User settings, making it easier to read and interpret dates according to your preference.


Update your app to version 1.19.8 and enjoy all the new features!
Thank you for staying with us!