How to Protect Your Car/Motorcycle or Other Vehicle from Theft with a GPS Tracker?

10.4.2024 | Rostislav Adutskevich

Let's start with some statistics:

  1. According to Interpol, around 7 million vehicles are stolen worldwide every year. This means that approximately every 4 seconds, someone's vehicle is stolen.
  2. In the US alone, the total value of stolen vehicles is estimated at over 6 billion dollars per year.
  3. Vehicle thefts often have a seasonal pattern, for example, theft rates are higher in summer than in winter. In the US, July is the most common month for vehicle thefts.
  4. Studies show that vehicles equipped with anti-theft systems, including GPS trackers, are 3-5 times less likely to be stolen compared to vehicles without such systems.

We also consulted UNODC statistics and gathered data from some countries.

Car thefts statistics in Latam/EU and USA

The increase in the number of vehicle thefts is closely related to the increase in the number of vehicles in the country. This indicates that vehicle theft is a serious problem that worsens every year. According to statistics, millions of cars are stolen worldwide every year, causing significant losses to their owners and insurance companies.

Can GPS devices prevent theft?

In short, yes, they can really help. The use of GPS tracking systems is one of the most effective methods of protection against car theft. These systems allow owners to track the location of their car in real time, which significantly simplifies its search if it has been stolen. Statistics confirm that the chances of recovering a stolen car are significantly higher if it has a GPS tracker installed. Moreover, some insurance companies offer special discounts on insurance for cars with tracking systems.

Here are our top 5 factors that simply explain why this will increase the security of your car:

  • Instant notifications and alerts about suspicious activities, allowing for immediate action. Did the ignition turn on without your knowledge? Or is the motorcycle moving with the ignition off (towing)? Get notified.
  • Precise location determination of the stolen vehicle for quick recovery.
  • Geofences. Receive an immediate notification when the vehicle leaves the designated area.
  • Remote control of car functions, such as turning off the ignition, locking the doors, activating the alarm, and much more;
  • Route history, revealing the path of the car after theft.

Is it difficult to purchase and install a GPS tracker?

The most convenient option would be to contact our partners. This way, you will spend significantly less time and get a ready-made, beautiful, and most importantly, working solution "out of the box".
You can find our partners on our Partner Map. Simply select your country, browse the list of partners, choose the one that suits you, and contact them.

GPS-Trace partners map

Partners will be able to provide you with a full range of services:

  • Selecting a suitable device for your vehicle;
  • Configuring the chosen device;
  • Configuring the application and the features you need;
  • Providing an IoT SIM card for stable device connection to the application server;
  • Configuring additional features, such as remote control of the vehicle's ignition from your smartphone;
  • They will also be able to advise on various security and monitoring solutions.

We believe that in order to ensure the real security of your vehicle, reaching out to a partner will never be superfluous, simply because there can be a large number of intricacies and pitfalls with any, even the simplest and most intuitive GPS device. After all, we ultimately receive data directly from space:)

If you are, however, a technical enthusiast, you can always do everything yourself.
Based on experience, the most difficult part for beginners is installing and setting up GPS devices. In this article, we will not go into detail about various devices and the process of setting them up. However, if you decide to handle it yourself, we have prepared all the necessary instructions and tips for you:

  1. "How to start?" instructions
  2. Blog articles about devices
  3. Page of integrated devices with setup instructions

What will you get?

As a result, you can get an application in which you can:

  1. See your car/motorcycle/vehicle in real time;
  2. Draw virtual boundaries (geofences) that when crossed, you can receive push notifications on your smartphone, via email, or on the Telegram messenger;
  3. View the movement history of your car or motorcycle;
  4. Lock/unlock doors, start and stop the engine, if your tracker is properly connected and supports this feature;
  5. Track mileage statistics, engine hours, and various additional telemetry;

GPS-Trace app basic functionality

And this is just a part of the basic functionality that our GPS-Trace platform and its applications can offer.

In simple words, you can secure and control your car right from your smartphone screen.

Still have questions? Contact us.

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