Trips of units you can view on a separate tab. You can open it right away or go from the unit card Unit menu - Trips.
Here you can see all the trips and stops of the unit for the selected day and detailed information about them.

You can select a specific date for which you want to view trips and parking.

Each trip and parking is displayed as a separate card, where you can find additional information, such as the duration of the trip or parking, mileage, max. and average speed, estimated fuel consumption. Just click on the card to show the trip or stop on the map.


Trip card consists of several slides. In addition to information, it available the following options:

  • Smooth track playback
  • Display trip track color by unit speed
  • Display track points
  • Enable/disable icons for Start/End track
  • Estimated trip with unit speed graph.


The following options are available on the parking card:

  • building a route to the parking lot
  • the ability to share parking coordinates

For an unfinished trip or parking lot, the icon is highlighted in yellow.


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