Appearance settings


  • Performance Mode
    A mode for low-performance devices that disables some animations to improve application performance.
  • Track playback speed
    Adjusting the speed of playing a track in the History and Trips of the unit
  • Show units names on the map
    Enabling/Disabling the display of unit names on the map
  • Theme
    Standard/Dark App Theme
  • Map Theme
    Standard/Dark Map Theme
  • Screen Orientation
    Vertical/Horizontal interface display (only available on mobile applications)
  • Map type
    Selecting a map layer. Available:
    Free: OSM, Gurtam maps, Bing maps.
     Google maps.

Color track by speed:

  • Setting the display color of the track by speed. Customize the speed interval and choose the colors to display each interval.

Track tail and marker:

  • Show track tail
    Displays the trail passed by the unit in a short period of time
  • Smooth movement of units
    The option makes the track display smoother when the unit moves
  • Tail color
    Select the color of the track's tail. Access only when "Show track tail" is active
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