­čÄä The results of the year ­čÄä

29.12.2022 | Veranika Patachyts News

­čĹőHello, our dear friends!

­čÄć2022 is almost gone!

­čąéBefore raising a glass of champagne we would like to share some results of the year. This year was full of challenges. 

­čÜÇToday more than 178 000 users with almost 200 000 units trust us. It’s about 25% growth per year. It is the result of our non-stop development during 2022 with 11 releases of new features and billing tools for our customers.

­čĄŁ93 partners https://gps-trace.com/partners joined our GPS community in 2022. They have been playing a serious role in our project, providing box solutions and services, close to our end users.

­čÄ»Next year we plan to be more ambitious and effective and full of new solutions and opportunities.

­čŹżGPS-Trace wishes you a season full of joy and a wonderful, prosperous New Year. We are hoping to open new doors of opportunities with you in 2023!!

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