How to send Telegram messages to Ruhavik

27.1.2023 | Anastasiya Kulish

It's likely that many of you are already using Telegram app or have at least heard of it. 

In this application, it is possible not only to write messages, but also to share geolocation. Therefore, it's time to tell you how to send messages from Telegram directly to Ruhavik!

This may not seem too easy to you, since in addition to Telegram and Ruhavik, you will need to use the Flespi platform, on the backend of which our platform works. 

 But the outcome will be worth the effort. 💥

Let's get started!


1️⃣ First of all you should create a Telegram Bot

  • In Telegram messenger find a chat called BotFather
  • Type /newbot and choose the name and username for your bot
  • Copy the access token. You’ll need it to configure a Flespi channel.

Live Vehicle Fleet Tracking via Telegram2️⃣ Create a channel in the Flespi panel

  • Register a new account or log in with the existing one on the Flespi platform
  • Create a new channel (Telematics Hub →Channels)
  • Select the telegram protocol_id
  • Insert the bot’s access token from the first step

GPS Tracking app for your Vehicles

 3️⃣ Create a stream to Ruhavik

  • Create a new stream (Telematics hub → Streams)
  • Give your stream a name and select the ruhavik protocol_id

Live vehicle tracking System for personal use

4️⃣ Subscribe the stream to the channel

  • Once the stream is created, click on it to open settings.
  • Click on the Channels tab 
  • Add the channel you created to instruct the stream to forward data from it

Real-Time GPS Tracking app5️⃣ Create a unit in Ruhavik

  • Type /start and copy the Telegram ID in the new Telegram bot you created
  • Register or log in to Ruhavik 
  • Create a unit 
  • Choose the Flespi Gateway device type
  • Use your Telegram ID as the Unit ID in Ruhavik 

GPS Tracking for Personal Vehicles6️⃣ Check how magic works

  • Open the Telegram bot chat and send a location or write any message

Get real-time messages from gps tracker

  • Open Ruhavik and enjoy the result

Online gps tracking via Telegram app

You can also open the ToolBox and see the messages that are sent from the chat of your Telegram bot.

Vehicle tracking in real time


It's incredibly convenient that you don't need any additional equipment, like a tracker, to access real-time location information. By connecting Telegram to Ruhavik, you can easily access this information through the messenger you use daily. 


If you have any questions, please contact us by email and also leave your comments on our social networks. 

We hope this information was helpful to you! 😉