🛰 AOVX tracking devices integrated!

20.1.2023 | Rostislav Adutskevich

🤝 AOVX devices are now available for tracking in GPS-Trace applications!
This became possible with the help of our colleagues from Flespi on whose backend our platform works.

📍 It is now possible to track your AOVX device, send commands and get the maximum functionality from GPS-Trace.

🚘👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 AOVX produces GPS devices for both business and personal use.
For users of our platform, the following models are most likely to be of interest:

  • VL300 - vehicle tracker
  • GL100 - personal/luggage tracker

GPS Tracker AOVX VL350GPS Tracker AOVX GL100

📶 In general, this manufacturer's trackers are divided into series:

  • V Series: fleet management in general, recovery and logistics.
  • G Series: cold chain monitoring for cargo/food and pharma industries, refrigerator monitoring, luggage tracking, rechargeable asset tracking in general.
  • A Series: IP67 asset tracking, outdoor tracking of heavy machinery, container tracking, wireless backup tracker for vehicles.

🚦 Connect your AOVX device to a free Ruhavik account to keep your vehicle and close relatives safe.