Forguard: Use Cases for Diverse Needs

18.4.2024 | Veranika Patachyts

In today's connected world, the safety and monitoring of vehicles, assets, and loved ones have never been more paramount. Protecting your property, whether private or rental cars, scooters, bikes, or business vehicles, has become an everyday challenge.

For instance, in 2023, Mexico witnessed a surge in auto theft, marking a 2.3% increase compared to the previous year, according to the latest report by the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS). A total of 61,222 insured vehicles were stolen, averaging 168 thefts per day.

In Chile, the latest analysis from the international freight insurer, TT Club, reports a dramatic increase in freight crime in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels, with incidents of theft estimated to be 27% higher. The reported statistics show that hijacking of cargo, including the vehicle itself, accounts for 57% of all incidents.

Forguard by GPS-Trace offers a versatile solution tailored to meet a variety of tracking needs across different sectors. From family safety to business logistics, Forguard's technology provides real-time location data, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Forguard   Gps Tracking App

Here's a closer look at how Forguard is applied in various scenarios and in different countries:


  • For Family Cars

Safety is a primary concern for families, especially when it involves children or elderly members. In Indonesia, Forguard helps parents monitor the whereabouts of their loved vehicles, ensuring they are safe and secure at all times. Even fathers of teenagers can rest easy, knowing that they will receive a notification if their car is suddenly borrowed without permission.


  • For Rental Business

In Peru and Poland, rental businesses, particularly those dealing with vehicles and equipment, face challenges in managing their assets efficiently. Forguard enables these businesses to track their fleet in real-time, ensuring they are used properly and are in the right location. This not only prevents unauthorized use but also optimizes the allocation and utilization of cars or trucks, leading to improved customer service and reduced operational costs.


  •  For Last-Mile Delivery

As incidents of cargo and vehicle theft escalate, delivery companies in Mexico and Brazil are actively seeking methods to safeguard their workers and assets. This is crucial for last-mile delivery services, where smaller vans and trucks are particularly vulnerable to theft. Forguard aids in analyzing the history of trips and providing live tracking of delivery vehicles. This helps increase transparency, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and trust in the service provider.


  •  For Hotel Chains with Own Small Fleet

Hotels in Hungary that manage a small fleet for guest transportation or logistical needs can significantly benefit from Forguard. Tracking vehicles ensure they are efficiently used and are always available when needed by guests. 

GPS tracking business

This enhances the guest experience by minimizing wait times and streamlining transportation services within the hotel premises or to nearby destinations.


  •  For Importers with Car Fleet for Merchandisers

In Kazakhstan, importers with a fleet of cars used by merchandisers can utilize Forguard to oversee their vehicle's usage and ensure they are effectively serving their purpose. By monitoring their merchandisers' location, businesses can better coordinate sales visits and deliveries, increasing productivity and ensuring compliance with operational protocols.


  •  For Private School with Own School Buses

In the United Kingdom, private schools that operate their own buses use Forguard to monitor the safety of students while in transit and analyze the history of trips to prevent unauthorized use of buses. School administrators gain access to real-time information about bus locations, which enhances the safety of children and improves communication between the school and the parents.


  •  For Elderly People

In Germany and Israel, families with elderly members who value their independence but might require supervision, find Forguard a discreet and respectful way to monitor their activities without being intrusive. 

GPS tracking devicesIt ensures that help is always at hand in case of an emergency, enhancing the elderly's safety while allowing them peace of mind.


  •  For Pets and Animals

In Lithuania and the US, pet owners use Forguard to keep track of their pets, especially when they are outdoors. Whether it’s a dog prone to wandering off or a cat exploring its surroundings, Forguard helps in tracking their movements and ensures they can be quickly located if they stray too far from home.

In addition, if you have a thoroughbred gelding or a herd of camels, you will be able to follow their movements in real time, as our users do in Morocco.


  • For Kids and Their Assets

In Australia, parents worried about not just their children but also their belongings—like backpacks, scooters, or mobile phones—find Forguard provides an easy solution. It offers trackers that can be attached to virtually any personal item, ensuring that these valuables can be easily found if misplaced or stolen.

In conclusion, Forguard by GPS-Trace is more than just a tracking solution—it is an integral tool that can be adapted to a wide array of needs, from personal safety to business efficiency. No matter where you are, feel protected and secured. 

If you are seeking peace of mind and are ready to install a GPS tracking device with our application, please contact our representative in your region.

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