A Partner's Story: Ibag Ukraine

30.4.2024 | Veranika Patachyts

Today, we are happy to return to our column about partners.

Let us introduce you to our partner, Ibag Ukraine, a pioneering GPS tracker manufacturer founded in 2010. The name Ibag comes from "intelligent baggage," reflecting their original goal to help travelers keep track of their luggage.

Ibag Ukraine started in Poltava city, Ukraine, by partnering with travel agencies that offered their clients ibag trackers to rent during trips. This service quickly spread to other cities across Ukraine. Not long after, the company developed its first personal tracker for children, which led to expanding their product range to include trackers for vehicles, personal use, and drones.

GPS tracker PRO

In 2022, Ibag Ukraine introduced a new PRO line featuring the “WIFI Detect” system. This technology uses nearby WIFI networks to locate objects inside buildings, and it’s offered for free to all Ibag tracker users.

Ibag Ukraine is dedicated to continuously improving its trackers, software, and apps. The company's engineers focus on adopting new technologies and modern GPS modules to keep advancing their products. They are always ready to take on custom projects and welcome ideas from clients.

The company is known for its excellent service, often described as "European service," which includes a hotline and direct contacts for service and technical support, all available to Ibag’s customers.

For more information or to discuss potential projects, you can visit their website at ibag.net.ua.

Ibag about GPS-Trace:

"One of the main elements for doing business in GPS trackers is a reliable and high-quality supplier of GPS monitoring system. Our 15 years experience suggests that Gurtam and its GPS-Trace project are currently a leader among its competitors.

GPS tracking app

We will not write about all advantages and functions of Ruhavik and Forguard (you can check it in demo version), but we appreciate their quick and reliable customer service.

For us, service is a very important factor, and in this regard, GPS-Trace management fully meets our expectations."

We extend our best wishes to Ibag Ukraine and look forward to continued collaboration, driving innovations in the GPS tracking sector together.