5 benefits for our partners

18.1.2023 | Veranika Patachyts

🤝 Today we want to talk about our opportunities for partners.

🌍 We, GPS-Trace, are looking for new partners across the globe. We have an office in Boston, USA and Dubai, UAE, moreover, our headquarters are in Vilnius, Lithuania.


🏆 There are 5 benefits that you can easily get started with our cooperation: 🏆

  • You will base your business on our solid experience in GPS (20+years)
  • You can offer your clients proven solutions, proven by 180 000 users and have a rating of 4.5+ on GooglePlay!
  • You can select between 1500 tracker models, integrated into our platform.
  • You will be promoted by our website
  • You will get access to Partner Panel - a unique platform, that can be your CRM.


🎯 Our goal is to find a partner in every country, which helps our users choose a tracker for prompt tasks, sell, install and maintain it if it's needed.

🔭 There is a map on our website, where every user, which wants to solve the problem with GPS tracking his personal transport or assets, can easily find our distributor in his region.

Gps Trace application map

❤️ We invite you to join our 100 partners from different countries, which already created more than 1200 user accounts via our Partner Panel.


👉 If you are interested to be an ambassador of GPS-Trace in your region, feel free to contact us at business@gps-trace.com