GPS-Trace: TOP-10 Manufacturers in 2022 🎯

27.12.2022 | Rostislav Adutskevich

👋 Hi there!

⭐ 2022 is not over yet, but we are already ready to sum up. Today we will talk about the manufacturers of GPS trackers, which our users have chosen this year.

🔝 Today we are pleased to present you the TOP-10 most popular manufacturers in 2022:

  1. Concox +40%
  2. Coban +21%
  3. Sinotrack +205%
  4. Teltonika +40%
  5. TK-Star +131%
  6. CarGO +146%
  7. Xeelectech +141%
  8. LKgps +160%
  9. Suntech +15%
  10. Micodus +500%

🙃 The percentages may surprise you a little, but the producers are listed in order of quantitative growth.
To better understand the percentages above, just look at the comparison of the total number of devices of these types.

GPS trackers manufacturers on GPS-Trace

❗Each of these manufacturers knows which device is most needed now by personal users and businesses.

💯 All these devices are well integrated with our system and have wide functionality: a wide range of parameters, an extended set of GPRS commands, and much more.

📃 All types of devices integrated on the GPS-Trace, as always, can be found on the Devices page.