TOP-3 Cargo GPS-trackers

29.3.2023 | Veranika Patachyts

On this day, we would like to highlight the most popular TOP-3 Cargo trackers among our users. Cargo UFC is a well-known Ukrainian company that specializes in the development and manufacture of GPS/GNSS equipment for satellite control systems of vehicles and facilities.  For the production of equipment Cargo UFC uses only high quality electronic components with a service life of 10 years.

Let's take a closer look at these devices and their features:

Cargo light CL2Cargo Unit CU3Cargo SPY

Cargo Light (CL2\CL3) - High-Precision GPS/GLONASS Tracker

Cargo Light is a popular GPS/GLONASS tracker with a built-in battery. It features dual-SIM support, 2 digital inputs, 1 digital output, FOTA, Li-Pol backup battery (300mA or more), and a miniature body made of high-quality plastic that can be placed in any part of the car, including hidden areas. Cargo Light is widely used on trucks, cars, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, railway, and river vehicles. Its high operating voltage range allows you to install the tracker on various vehicles without connecting additional converters.

Cargo Unit (CU3) - Compact Autonomous GPS Tracker

Cargo Unit is a compact autonomous GPS tracker that comes with a 3M sticky mount. The device features a 1600mAh Li-Pol battery, movement sensor, temperature sensor, FOTA, Bluetooth, IP65 waterproof casing, and more. The CU3 model allows you to customize its work in the sleep period, saving battery power and not emitting any signals, making it as inconspicuous as possible. In this mode, the gps tracker cannot be found by GPS / GSM scanners!

Cargo Spy (CS2) - Powerful Autonomous GPS Tracker

Cargo Spy is a versatile GPS tracker with a rechargeable 5200mAh battery (ensures 1-year battery life when reporting once a day), movement sensor, temperature sensor, FOTA, Bluetooth, IP67 water- and dust-resistance, and more. This tracker is designed to locate vehicles, cargo, people, drones, animals, and other valuable objects. Its magnetic mount and waterproof casing make it ideal for various applications.

For those interested in using GPS devices in Ruhavik, you can find a full list of integrated devices on Our website also offers instructions and SMS commands for remote configuration of many of these devices.

In conclusion, Cargo UFC is one of the fastest-growing Ruhavik partners, which produces top-quality GPS/GNSS equipment for satellite control systems of vehicles and facilities.

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