GPS-Trace Team: Updated Roadmap for 2024

20.6.2024 | Veranika Patachyts

The GPS-Trace team is proud to announce a lineup of transformative updates and expansions aimed at redefining GPS tracking technology. 

Driven by our dedication to innovation and enhancing user experience, we’re excited to introduce new features and systems that will increase the capabilities available to our partners and clients. 

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📌 March 2024: Breaking Limits

Starting in March, GPS-Trace users enjoy a significant increase in account capacity with the “Breaking Limits” update. This enhancement enables a single user account on Forguard to manage up to 70 units, designed to help users scale their operations without the hassle of multiple accounts or reduced management capability.

📌 April 2024: Partner API

In April, we  launched our Partner API, a powerful tool crafted to streamline how partners manage client accounts. This API provides capabilities for handling account settings, accessing detailed statistics, and creating or configuring units directly, thereby improving the efficiency and control our partners have over their service offerings.

📌 May 2024: Stripe Implementation

May brings the introduction of a new billing integration with Stripe, enabling our partners and clients to set up their own billing systems easily. This integration is designed to be straightforward, offering a robust framework for secure and efficient transaction handling within the GPS-Trace platform, and our Forguard application particularly.



🌐 Meeting in Tbilisi

This week we met in Tbilisi, which was a key event this year, where we reviewed our past achievements and planned for future feature deliveries. With another office of the Gurtam family located in Tbilisi, it was a fantastic opportunity for personal collaboration and strategic alignment among all our Gurtam teams.

As a result of this meeting, we want to share our upcoming updates.



📌 Q3 2024: Asset Tracking Enhancements

In the third quarter, we’re excited to release a new asset-tracking application that incorporates BLE technology. While GPS is unmatched for global positioning and tracking over large distances and in outdoor settings, BLE offers substantial benefits for local tracking, especially in terms of cost, energy efficiency, and indoor usability. 

💳 Asset tracking offers substantial benefits, including:

  • Lower Power Consumption: BLE is designed for minimal energy consumption. Devices using BLE can operate for months or even years on a small battery, making it ideal for applications where frequent battery changes are impractical.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: BLE devices are generally cheaper to manufacture and maintain. The lower cost makes it feasible to deploy them in large numbers, which is economical for tracking numerous items over short ranges.

  • Indoor Tracking Capability: BLE is particularly effective for indoor tracking where GPS signals are often unavailable. BLE can leverage signal strength from multiple beacons installed within a building to triangulate positions accurately.

  • Size and Flexibility: BLE devices can be extremely small and integrated into everyday objects like keychains, wearables, or even medical devices without being obtrusive.

These enhancements aim to address the growing need for efficient, scalable solutions in asset management, providing our users with tools that are not only powerful but also user-friendly.

 📌  July 2024: Enhanced Billing System Options

With the integration of PayPal in July, partners can directly charge their customers easily, supporting transactions in over 200 countries. This development enhances our global billing solutions, providing diverse payment options for our international user base.

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 📌  Q4 2024: AI-Assistant for Partners

To close the year, we will introduce an AI-powered assistant for partners. This tool will quickly deliver accurate responses in multiple languages, directly via the Partner account, streamlining communication and support.

As we continue to innovate and enhance the GPS-Trace platform, our focus remains on delivering advanced and intuitive tracking solutions that exceed the expectations of our users and partners.

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