Premium Basic

14.12.2022 | Veranika Patachyts

Hello, our dear users and partners.

Today we would like to present our new subscription plan - Premium Basic.

The history of this subscription is based on our users’ requests. Most of them need tracking of one unit, but with all possible functionalities. 

Premium Basic provides:

  • Unit limits up to 1
  • Own type of notification
  • More megabytes of data storage - 100 MB
  • Google Maps
  • Commands Panel - extended GPRS commands
  • Export reports
  • Additional methods for sending notifications
  • Increased the number of geofences you can create (up to 15)

You might not need it every day, but having a GPS tracker can be handy in any case of emergencies. Premium Basic allows you to configure the most advanced setting of your tracker and forget your worries about your storage and getting notifications in the way you like.

Use GPS-Trace and have Premium security.